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"I was incredibly impressed with Mel's reading & Energy clearing session! She was incredibly insightful to what she observed & was accessible after the session to answer any questions or clarifications I needed. I was not completely understanding everything until days later when things hit me that made everything make perfect sense! This was both from my own research into the spirit animals that were present & remembering I had set an intention before the session ( knowing she was going to do the session.) & it appeared very strongly in my session. Everything she talked about was spot on for what was currently going on in my life & what was coming up in the short term. I can't wait to unpack more meaning & treasure as time goes on! It was a very powerful experience for which I am very grateful. Thank you Mel, for sharing your gift!"

- Erika. 

"Oh my god Mel!!! I am completely blown away by your session." ...."so all of this energy, colours, spirit guides that came through just aligns SO perfectly for how I am feeling now." ..." I am feeling huge expansive energy of unlimited potential & YES the flowing divine feminine energy! You have a true gift! I am so grateful for this". 

SO much LOVE.

- Linda (Yoga Teacher & Healing Facilitator.)

"Mel, this is SO awesome! I have just read it three times & I will  read it many more times." .."this made me feel SO GOOD for so many reasons." ..."this reading just brings tears to my eyes. It is allowing me to envision more than what I have been envisioning"..."Just reading this is expanding my mind." ..."This is SO exciting! Thank you MEL!" ..."I loved your session SO,SO MUCH!".


- Jane. 

"Hi Mel, I received it & could actually feel it while you were working on me!!! Such a beautiful reading. Thank you so much. Very mystical & loving. You are a powerful & beautiful healer!"

- Monika

"Thankyou Melinda for a beautiful reading. I loved going on a magical,  mystical journey which felt like I had been in these experiences before. I understood the messages & scenes so well & feel a sense of calm from the spoken words of yours. Thankyou for allowing me to get a great picture & specific details of what was showing up for me"

- Grace. 

"Big hug for your beautiful work here. Wonderful intuitive reading. I enjoyed the combination of colour, landscape, animals, guides which had me picture them in a luminous form. Which brought peace to imagine. It's  very beautiful to hear such kind words & affirmations. I appreciate your time to consider communicating in this way. You have a natural ability to transmit awareness of many allies that can bring support & love."

- Jen 

"Thankyou for your time & the generosity of sharing your gifts. You are even more amazing than I first thought because of your truth, essence & light. I appreciate you more than you know." 

- Christine ( Yoga Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner.)

Mel’s reading was so vibrant and inspiring. The specific colors and detailed images she shared popped into my mind’s picture so easily and created a powerful visual for me to tap into.  I feel like she was able to provide me with validation and encouragement regarding the spiritual path I’ve been down, but also guidance for forward growth and movement.  Thank you, Mel.

- Miranda

"Thank you! I woke up feeling pretty soothed & energised today. "... "Thank you so much, it was a beautiful reading."

- Nicki

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