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Connecting with the energy of the lion spirit animal

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Lion Spirit Animal can assist you to remember and connect with your true strength which comes from the heart. If you wish Lion Spirit Animal can assist you to feel brave enough to walk your heart path with pride and integrity. Lion Spirit Animal may appear in your life to prompt you to purify and begin to transform your heart, reminding you, that true power comes from your own willingness to face your fears. Lion Spirit Animal can show you the power of the Lioness, connecting you to the divine feminine and goddess energies. Lion Spirit Animal may be asking you to fill your heart with strength and speak with honesty.

"A Lion Spirit Animal appeared, emerging from my solar plexus. Beautiful, with a mane of wild flames and fierce orange eyes. Lion Spirit Animal's light shimmers with gold and orange flickering like flames as red and blue. The frequency uplifting and energising like the suns light, shines into my solar plexus. Guiding me into movement. The energy flows into my sacral chakra. Inviting creative expression. As Lion Spirit Animal guides me further into movement this begins to bring me into my physical body and ground me into mother earth. The light of the purifying alchemical red flames of Lion Spirit Animal dance in my base chakra. In this way Lion Spirit Animal reminds me to strengthen my lower chakras. This energy then moves up into my heart in waves. Clearing. Then ripple out through my heart chakra casting light into spaces that Lion Spirit Animal is reminding me to explore now. The energy continues to move and hum, upwards, to my throat chakra & the clearing continues."

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