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The Polar Bear

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Polar Bear Spirit Animal is a Shaman and can confidently guide us between the physical and spiritual worlds, just as he navigates easily above the ice on land and below the ice in the deep waters. Polar Bear teaches us how to be independent. He shows us the intensity and the fierceness of our inner power and how to harness and direct it in a deliberate way. Using this power to move fearlessly forward on our path. Polar bear can remind us to accept all aspects of our nature- or what we perceive as dark and light.

"Enter a space of white light. Infinite space. His realm is ethereal, otherworldly. This space gives a feeling of being out of one's depth. His wildness is palpable. It is unsettling here. The sense of being totally and utterly alone. It is a very raw & primal experience. He is master here, of this space. As the snowflakes fall and the wind whips my body I stand on seemingly thin ice. The freezing cold, icy, deep, dark waters run beneath. I try to imagine the depths here, so vast, the darkness. What lurks beneath? I am frozen. I look ahead and I see him there. Majestic, huge. Bigger than all imagining. His powerful, muscular body, covered in shaggy white fur. Frozen icicles cling to it. Long black claws. He is still. Watching me. He is beautiful and terrifying. I look into his face now and my fear leaves me. I feel the timelessness and divinity of his soul vibration. Our energy connects the instant our eyes meet. Everything disappears in a blizzard of white. He tells me he is not afraid of his own inner violence. He is aggressive. He says. It is a part of his nature. He owns it. He will purposefully use it when he needs to in order to survive and thrive in this desolate land of ice. I feel him tapping into my soul. Accepting. Reminding. Reminding me to be strong. That I can survive in any environment no matter how hostile. He reminds me that this is because of my inner power. I feel the strength of his soul and his direct connection to the infinate".

Polar Bear Spirit Animal is just so incredibly powerful, magical and majestic. If you are willing he can guide you onto a new path or through big life transitions. Polar Bear Spirit can assist you to travel to other world's and to enter the realm of your own inner domain where you can be in absolute silence and stillness to connect directly to your own divinity. Polar Bear can also teach you how easy and natural it is to accept all parts of yourself. The light and the dark within. Especially how to work with and direct the darker aspects of yourself, using them in a healthy way that assists you to grow and thrive no matter where or in what circumstances you may find yourself. Polar Bear shows us we are perfect with our imperfections and that regardless in every moment we are able to connect to our own divinity and radiate this out into the world.

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