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Updated: Apr 13, 2022

I believe relaxing is one of the first and most important steps in healing. When we begin to relax, even a little we soften and are more open. In this way, our guides and healing team are more able to connect with us as we are more receptive to their energy. Making it a priority to do small things everyday to relax assists us to connect with a peaceful space within ourselves. To recognise that this is our natural state of being. It is quite amazing how something so seemingly small and subtle as bringing in just a couple of simple relaxation tools into your daily life everyday can make such a big positive difference to how you feel and react to things in your day. Here are just a few very simple ideas for relaxing:

  • Take a few minutes just for yourself. Sit quietly, breath and just be.

  • Sit outside somewhere and just observe nature. Watch the sky as the clouds move. Notice the way the breeze moves the branches of the trees. Just sit quietly and watch.

  • Lay down and listen to some relaxing music or a guided meditation.

  • Take your shoes off and walk on the beach or the grass. Feel the earth beneath your feet supporting you with every step.

  • Move your body or gently stretch in whatever way feels good.

Life is a lot more enjoyable when you have many techniques that work for you to return to this peaceful state again and again. Relaxing brings healing into our lives everyday and supports us to be more present.

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