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The Seal

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Seal Spirit Animal can help you embrace your inner child whilst at the same time letting go of fears of the unknown. Seal with his ability to fluidly move in and traverse the deep waters teaches that you have the ability to easily adjust to any new circumstances within your life and to feel comfortable with the ever changing energetic tides surrounding you.

"His head peeped up out of the ocean looking at me with eyes like deep round black pools that emanate his soul vibration of such softness, sweetness and gentleness. His head was white and covered with speckles of darker flecks. Lovely long whiskers. That's all I could see, the rest of him was submerged in the water. He invited me to play and then ducked his head diving underwater. I was sitting cross legged and sinking slowly, gently as he dived and swirled around my body with a friendly, playful energy. As I continued to sink and the darkness of the deeper water enveloped me, a thought crossed my mind, a question of what may be deep in the darkness of the depths. The thought just passed by. There was nothing just a deepening feeling of peace as I continued sinking down further into the depths. A deeper feeling of stillness. It was beautiful here. I watched unattached as this occurred. So much peace, quiet and stillness here. I gave thanks to this generous light being - the Seal".

Seal Spirit Animal can pop by to remind you to swim, play and flow with the currents of life. To dive deep, opening to connect to the deeper parts of yourself. To be kind to yourself and allow yourself to play with your creativity and imagination as wisdom can be found here. Take some time to connect and just feel the beautiful, gentle energy and soul of Seal Spirit Animal.

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