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"Basically I am not healing you. I am holding the space and stepping out of the way to allow spirit to guide the healing session. So that you may receive the frequencies you need in that moment in order for you to open to more of the peace and love that you already are". 

Silhouette of a woman against a turquoise sky. Sunset or dawn._The concept of harmony and

Intuitive Healing Session

These sessions are guided by spirit and may include one or more energy healing modality. Mel will connect and follow the energy flow and you may receive healing frequencies from Angels, Archangels, Spirit Animals, Galactic Beings or Guides who wish to support you on your journey assisting to empower you to continue moving forward and brightly shine your own unique light into the world. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions are offered remotely and in this way Mel is able to sit in meditation as she connects to the energy and journey in the spirit world. Sometimes she may be guided to use sound therapy tools such as shamanic drumming or vocal sound/tones to deepen her connection to the healing frequencies being offered to you. Mel does not control the session but simply holds space allowing and observing as the healing takes place. She is a channel for the energy and messages that come through. Every session is a "spirit adventure" intuitively guided and assisted by her own healing team (guides). As they are offered remotely you can enjoy them anywhere in the world. At the time of the session it is fine for you to go about your day as usual as the session takes place at a soul level. You will receive an email with any messages from spirit and healing session notes or mp3 after the session (usually within 48 hrs). 

30 min -$65 AUS

60 min -$120 AUS






Angelic Reiki and Shamanic Reiki Sessions






Mel will connect with the Angelic Realms and act as a bridge for the Angels to send the frequencies you need for clearing, balancing and uplifting your energy. These sessions are gentle, relaxing and healing. Mel's Angelic Reiki Sessions are offered remotely and after the session you will receive an email or mp3 with your Angelic Reiki Session notes and any messages (usually within 48 hrs).


30 min- $65   AUS

60 min- $120 AUS




In this unique healing session Mel will connect and journey in the spirit world. Reiki will flow from the universe to you for chakra balancing and clearing. Spirit Animals or Guides may connect to bring through frequencies and messages.  Shamanic Reiki Sessions are offered remotely and as they are at a soul level you may go about your day as usual  and after the Session you will receive an email or mp3 with your Shamanic Reiki Session notes and any messages (usually within 48 hrs). 


30 min -$65  AUS

60 min -$120 AUS


"Oh my god Mel!!! I am completely blown away by your session." ...."so all of this energy, colours, spirit guides that came through just aligns SO perfectly for how I am feeling now." ..." I am feeling huge expansive energy of unlimited potential & YES the flowing divine feminine energy! You have a true gift! I am so grateful for this". 

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