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About Mel

Mel is an intuitive energy worker. She has a calling to work with spirit and to assist and support others on their own path through energy work. 

Mel draws upon her foundations of many years of self healing and learning to follow her own guidance and heart path.  As well as her work with and training in becoming a  Angelic Reiki,  Usui Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and  Pleiadian Lightwork. 


She intuitively brings in sound healing tools as guided deepening her connection to the energies coming in. Mel weaves all of this together to create a unique Intuitive Healing Session for you! 

My connection to these journey's is like opening a doorway to spirit. 

It can be magical and playful.

Feelings of infinity, of expansion, of limitless possibilities.

Of movement and creation. 

Of healing and peace.

I believe the more you go to this space within yourself the more the door opens,

the more easy and fluid life becomes. 

I look forward to connecting with your soul energy and helping you open the door . 

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